Capturing Musical Essence

Art Direction and vinyl sleeve design for the musician Still Morris.

Art direction and graphic design for the folder and inner sleeve for music vinyl.

Dive into Still Morris’ musical authenticity through our sixth collaborative project. We crafted the vinyl sleeve with a vision to reflect the pure essence of his art, stripping away embellishments. Every detail, from Demián Ortiz’s captivating photograph to incorporating Still Morris’ personal lyrics in the titles, is woven to convey his unique identity. A visual journey that transcends mere design, highlighting the intrinsic connection between music and its presentation.

For art directors and design agencies seeking to elevate the visual narrative of their projects, our collaboration with Still Morris is a testament to how design can enhance both the auditory and visual experience. Discover how we turn creative challenges into visual triumphs, leaving a lasting impression on every project we undertake. Infuse authenticity into your next venture with our cutting-edge design expertise. Elevate your visual narrative, connect with your audience, and let your work speak for itself.


May 2022


Still Morris


Art direction, editorial, graphic design


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